The Determined Time & Place 

Twenty years ago, Emery Morgan, said goodbye to her fiancé, Hayden Bryant, at his graveside: their future cut short by his death in the Gulf War. She’s kept a vigil in her heart for Hayden’s memory while she’s filled her life with running a farm and serving the local Franklin, Tennessee community.

Jackson Carrington, who’s writing a biography about Hayden, comes to the farm, requesting an interview with Emery.

What ensues is an exchange: Jackson can have the interviews if he helps Emery on the farm. It doesn’t take Jackson long to express his desire to court Emery, but her initial rebuffs prove challenging.

Will he break through the barriers of the past to Emery’s heart? Or will the unfolding events that create confusion for Emery break his?


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Until Love So Desires Until Love So Desires

Secrets. We all have them. Some are dangerous, some harmless. Some have the ability to alter our entire course of thinking, and, if revealed, some have the power to heal.

Summertime. In the small town of Marion, Illinois, baseball season is underway, the fishing is fine, and the atmosphere is ripe for romance.

Eshton Seaver left town ten years ago without warning, leaving everyone to guess why. He’s recently returned.

Dawsie Gates knew him professionally and isn’t quite sure why he’s so interested in reestablishing her acquaintance.

Secrets. He has them. Some are dangerous, some harmless. Will Eshton’s revelation to Dawsie lay the groundwork for a summer of romance or shake and crumble her foundations of faith?


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